Fashion Degrees in Fashion Designing Schools

As fashion is becoming an integrated part of our life style; numerous fashion designing degree programs are also coming into existence for someone interested in pursuing a fashion career. Whether some one interested in fashion design, fashion merchandising, or the business side of fashion, there are many degrees that provide the building blocks that need to succeed in fashion designing career. Specialization and additional education are options fashion designing professionals should always consider. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design is a great stepping stone to a number of careers in fashion. Fashion design students complete coursework in a variety of subjects including the following: fashion and textile vocabulary and terminology, consumer trends and behavior, hand drawing, computer-aided design (CAD), pattern drafting and manufacturing, fashion show production and promotion, sewing and tailoring, human anatomy, fashion and art history and trends etc.
Most of creative designing programs are staffed by industry professionals in design, marketing, and merchandising. They also often have guest instructors from major fashion design houses. Degrees in Fashion Marketing and/or Fashion Merchandising focus primarily on the business side of the fashion industry. Graduates of fashion merchandising programs may qualify for positions as visual merchandisers and/or display artists, retail store managers, fashion buyers, stylists, showroom sales reps, or fashion editors, among many others.
Many fashion designing institutes offer specialized courses of study in areas such as art and design technology, visual merchandising, retail management, and others. No matter which fashion study program some one choose, student can receive a broad education that combines both the creative and technical sides of the style industry to prepare student for the challenges of the ever-changing, fast-paced world of fashion and design. Student may even be able to take advantage of internship opportunities with established design firms or retail enterprises, allowing getting a jump start on fashion portfolio.
Different fashion schools provide degrees like
•    Fashion Design Production
Fashion Designer
Accessory Designer
Fashion Merchandiser
Fashion Sales Rep
Showroom Sales Rep
Product Manager
Clothing Patternmaker
Pattern Grader

•    Fashion Media & Promotions
Fashion Writer
Fashion Stylist
Fashion PR Specialist
Fashion Editor
Fashion Illustrator
Graphic Designer
Fashion Photographer

•    Other Fashion Careers
Costume Designer
Personal Stylist

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