Brand Culture in Indian Fashion

India is a country of diversity. With diversified culture and traditions it is existing for ages. People following various traditions live here, their way of dressing also differ from each other. The traces of Indians being fashionable can be found out from its ancient past also. As the changing time, fashions in India also never become static. And the images of that changing fashion mania is visible every where today.
The new trendy India is more cosmopolitan than region-specific. Different styles of traditional dresses of different regions have become the hot favorite across the country. Indian fashion scene is greatly influenced by its films. Contribution is so much that right from top designers to common mass follow them. As the mall culture is slowly and steadily growing in India. Many brands and private labels are launched in the Indian market. The first such retail outlet was Shopper’s Stop which launched India’s first multi-brand store in the year 1993. The specialty of such malls is that they offer a wide range of varied branded stuff, all under single roof. Some of the famous malls of India are Pantaloons, Westside, Lifestyle, Globus, etc. These retail outlets have also launched clothing line under private labels, manufactured and sold by them. For example- Pantaloons has many private labels under its brand like All, Fashion station and Mela. Some of the major private labels even operate as exclusive stores. The buyer gets an international shopping experience in such retail outlets. There are no nagging sales persons pressurizing the customers to buy.
Family stores are becoming hot favorite shopping hub for the middle-class and upper middle class shoppers. These stores sell garments of nearly all age groups and sexes. Apparels of various brands can be found in family stores. They are being considered as one-stop shopping destination. Roopam, Big Bazaar, Fashion station, V-mart, Maxx, etc are examples of some family stores.

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